Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bird Girls

Kennedy Holmes
A girl-crush, is a term coined to explain one girl's intense admiration for a another girl, usually someone they don't know that well; is characterized by wanting spend time with them, know all about them, even to emulate their behaviour, or way of dressing. A girl-crush operates much like any other kind of infatuation, but there's nothing sexual about it, though in adolescence it can be marked by similar desperation to it's sexual counterparts. This form of behavior is typical, and practically exclusive, to women. From early on, the inter-personal relationships between women, are more intense and intimate, often marked with a kind of awe.

The girl you admire will be cooler than you, prettier than you. She will have interesting things to say, she will do things you yourself would never dare to. You have all kinds of mythologies about the amazing adventures she has out of sight. I you ever do meet her, you'll find her maybe a little less mysterious, a little more like you, but this will most likely only make you adore her more.

Some girl crushes lead to long-term friendships, while others will keep their distance, and, in time, fade.

The advent of this modern life, where the world is compressed into a tightly-knit bundle, with endless crossing wires, has made it possible for one to observe the lives of people one has never met, and most likely never will. You can read their blogs, listen to their playlists, shuffle trough endless pictures of their friends, the landscapes they're looking at and the foods they ate. And, inevitably, you can develop girl-crushes on them.

Of the many amazing girls cavorting around the internet, there are three that capture my heart above all. If you're not familiar with them already (though it's a very small internets-world after all), allow me to introduce them:

On the top of this post you see Kennedy Holmes, a startlingly Amelie-esque beauty. Her pictures and blog posts have a somewhat shy, ethereal quality. She seems to want to hide in her long hair half the time, but the other half she writes and poses so honestly, she makes it seem like you really know her, and have for a long time. As soon as I read the first post on her blog, I was utterly smitten with her,wry, sweet presence. Interestingly enough, we recently discovered that trough some strange co-incident, we actually have a mutual acquaintance in the real-world too, which is all a little magical to me.

This lovely young lady is Kater, of All This Happiness, an English major from Albany NY. For all appearances though, it seems that she belongs more to the charmed and charming world of Jane Austen, or maybe Chekhov, perhaps even Fitzgerald. Her style is demure and elegant, her posts thoughtful, intelligent and beautifully executed. She and I share, apart from a love of books and clothes, an obsession with both fairy-tales and bees. Unlike most style-oriented bloggers, Kater's ruminations can run quite long and essay-like, which I, as a reader, love.

Last, but certainly no least, is my greatest style hero, Missa, of Thriftcandy, for whom I fell head-over-heels, from the moment I finally got my act together and joined Wardrobe Remix. Though physically complete opposites; one tall and blond, the other short and dark, I am certain that she's my long-lost style-twin. Of all the stylish girls everywhere, it is Missa's style that I most covet. Everything she wears makes me giddy with admiration, and not a little envious. Often we'll come up with exactly the same sartorial inspirations, at the same time. A number of little coinciding thoughts and finds that happen between us, make it seem fated that we should be pals. From the start of our tentative long-distance friendship, I've sort of looked upon her as the cool, older sister I never had.

Now, that I've poured out my little heart, I'd like to know who do YOU have a girl crush on?

O-kay, gush-fest officially over.


  1. im so honored by this and i hope you know that your girl-crush is absolutely mutual <3

  2. Oh goodness, this is such a sweet post! Thank you so much <333 And just like it is for the above poster, the crush is certainly mutual!

    I love this post though. It reminds me, somehow, of some of my favorite books in the way it is written.

  3. Wow Milla, I guess this is 3 for 3 on the reciprocal girl crushes, not bad! You know that I adore you and of course am flattered beyond words by this sweet post!

    Also, being the oldest of four girls, I have plenty of experience in the older sister department, so I am officially adopting you as my honorary fourth little sis :)

  4. ibelieveinunicornsJune 8, 2008 at 12:59 PM

    Since we're on the subject of girl crushes... I think you just might be my all time biggest girl crush ever!:)

  5. aaww shucks! Gush fest not over yet! thanks you guys!

  6. i have so many girl crushes! especially on bloggers and also tegan and sara and also clemence poesy and zooey deschanel

  7. I love stripes
    always a chic choice!!

  8. You are my girl crush Milla - every time I see tea cups in thrift stores (like today), I think of you.

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