Friday, May 23, 2008


Who doesn't love poppies? I have this dream of a perfect poppy dress; white, with delicate stems growing up from the hem, a little like they're painted with watercolors. It would have puffy sleeves and a row of buttons in the front, and be light and soft as cloud...

Looking Back, originally uploaded by Art and Ghosts.
Listening to: John McGregor
Oh I forgot: I got tagged to play the 6 quirks game by the lovely spandexpony.
The rules of the game are to link person who tagged you, to tag 6 other bloggers and let them know where the rules are found, and then to post 6 of your quirks.

Quirk 1: This is hard. I view my oddities as being so natural, they don't seem weird to me...
I write fan letters. No, seriously I do. I'm an extremely critical person, and don't like to give idle praise, that means nothing. So in the rare occasion I actually adore something, I like to express my admiration for the creator of said thing. If I generally liked popular books and bands, this would be a fairly inane habit, but I doubt Laura Barton receives bucket-loads of fanmail (though she would deserve it). I mostly write fan letters to authors and many are kind in enough to reply. Writing is a lonely occupation, and one often has little knowledge of the impact of one's work on others.

Quirk 2: This is more preference, but people seem to find it weird. I HATE YELLOW. Like I can't stand wearing it, having it in my room, or on any of my stuff. I refuse to buy books with yellow on the jacket.
Oddly I don't mind it on other people at all. I think this is residual effect of my high school color neurosis when for 3 years I would only wear white and blue.

Quirk 3: I'm rather vain, but don't take care of my hair AT ALL. I've never used conditioner, I don't even own a hairbrush and I often wash it with bar soap, because there are more important things in life to spend money on than shampoo. I cut out tangles. Don't tell mom.

Quirk 4: I used to eat lunch at the British Museum next to the cabinet containing the mummy of an Egyptian princess. Morbid much. That kinda seems weird now that I think about it.

Quirk 5: When I was little I used see God a lot. And we're an atheist family.

Quirk 6: Mountains and things make me cry. Not like a little misty-eyed, but like all out sobbing, cry. And so do many other things. Like random things: movies where someone does something that's damn near impossible for them, books where children miss their parents, little birds on the yard. Not just sad stuff, but really beautiful scenery, or events, too.


  1. i love your quirks! you are so unique and charming.

  2. Ahh yes, my state flower... I know it well. When we were kids we were told that picking wild poppies was against the law in California. Being rebelious little flower pickers, we did it anyway. To this day I don't know if that's true or some kind of regional urban myth.

    I'm the same way with my hair! Well, maybe not the bar soap and tangle cutting, but I don't own a brush either and never ever use conditioner. I love your hair though, so keep up the neglect! ;)

  3. I hate purple, I've been softening towards it lately (I keep getting purple gifts for some reason), but everyone thinks I am so strange for disliking a color...glad to hear I am not alone!

  4. So lovely! If you ever find/make that dress I'll be deeply envious!

    I've always meant to write letters to my favorite authors, but I never know what to say!

  5. So, I did your 6 quirks tag and I was also tagged for a meme awhile back and now I'm tagging YOU for that, if you feel like it of course(details on my blog). I'm still anxiously awaiting your wee package and will hopefully get a chance to email soon! :)

  6. Hey! Sorry I've been out in no where land lately. I responded to your tag in my blog finally. That's interesting about you seeing God when you were little. Are you still athiest? When I read it over I though of Lucy from Narnia. I just saw the new film! anyway Thanks for the tag. your great as always!!!

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  8. such lovely quirks! My favorite is lunch-time with the mummy!

  9. milla, i think we might be soul sisters

  10. i like your QUIRKS:) thats kinda funny that you write fan letters...Poppies are my state flower...I love them. Im glad i stumbled upon your blog...

    (LA street style)

  11. old men who amble down the street with their hands folded behind their backs make me cry.

    also, i think the french word for poppy is one of the most beautiful words in the world: coquelicot. so lovely!

    much like this post. : )

  12. Gorgeous picture!

    i saw one by the same artist in lula magazine which i would recommend highly!
    lovely blog!

  13. Those are some good quirks! :-) But I knew you would be.

  14. quirks 1,3,6 are things i've never quite been able to explain to those who don't have them. i suppose that's why i don't try to. i'm so glad you've listed them here: nice to know there's more of us out there...
    ps: i would have written what kennedy wrote, but kennedy already wrote that!