Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I never asked for to find my twin but there you are

Doppelgängers, evil or otherwise, are an interesting concept. How many times, for instance, have you heard someone you just met, gush something along the lines of: "You remind me so much of my friend such-and-such!" or "You look exactly like this girl I used to know in Anchorage!"? Yet you never get to meet these people, who are supposedly so very much like you. Ever wonder why? I do. I'm an only child, so I've always been fascinated by the idea that there could be someone out there, who might bear my likeness, who might talk the way I do, or dress like me, with whom I might share a certain identical gesture, or mannerism. That they might be a total stranger, makes this thought all the more thrilling.

There's a reason, however, why you're never suppose to meet your non-biological twin. In mythology Doppelgängers are often seen as harbingers of death, or other calamities. They are, in a way the ghost of you, before you're dead, or an evil self trying to take over your life. Seeing one usually forewarns you of your own demise. The poet Shelley, for instance, was reported to have met his, shortly before his death. It is said that these doubles cast no shadow, and sometimes can't be seen by others, though Shelley's likeness was supposedly seen by his landlady and one of his friends too.

Be that is it may, the next time someone tells me they know a person who looks exactly like me, I'll demand evidence and perhaps, if I dare, an introduction.

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  1. Wow, the resemblance between the girl in the drawing and the girl in the photo is really amazing! Trip out on that, did you just randomly connect the two?

    I have a younger sister who looks a bit like me but she has dark brown hair and darker features. Someone once said we looked like negatives of eachother. I always liked that. It's actually true of our personalities too. I'm the introvert and she's the extrovert.

  2. I always get "you look like Helena Bonham Carter when she was in Fight Club."
    Not quite a Doppelganger...but should I be insulted?
    That's creepy about Shelley. I've never heard that.....

  3. Missa-yeah I found the pics totally randomly, I'd already saved the skullset one when, looking pictures of lil' red ridinghood I stumbled upon the other one.

    the iron chic-helena bonham carter in fight club is totes a compliment in my humble opinion;)

  4. I have yet to meet my personal Doppelganger. It's an odd thing, I find it hard to find people who have my wide range of interests and habits.

    I think my favorite literary use of one is in Murakami's Sputnik Sweetheart. A character loses half of her soul when she is stuck on a ferris wheel watching another self have sex with a man she was revolted by. Her hair becomes permanently gray, she loses her sex drive, and quits her dream of being a concert pianist. So doom it is.

    I've read through your blog and enjoyed it, so I have linked you.

  5. this is a really interesting blog....bookmarking and linking!

  6. This idea has always frightened me. I often get told I remind people of someone else. It was always afraid the person who was like me would appear and be so much better, more accomplished and would replace me...

  7. Hi, Milla. I'm Carole Humphreys, the artist who created the drawing (also known as fagashlil on deviantART). The resemblance is striking between the two, and the girl in the photo also resembles Odessa a little, the model that I had based my drawing upon.

  8. I met the double of my half-sister today. They look EXACTLY alike, same hair/glasses/jacket, it's bizarre and really cool :D