Sunday, March 16, 2008

There's a tear in the fabric of your favorite dress...

If I was twenty-one, or not quite so lazy and shy, I'd have a style blog.
For a long time I've had a sneaking suspicion, that there must be a lot of smart, sweet girls out there, to whom clothes are a valid form of self-expression, as well as convenient way to keep out the cold, and since I got into style blogs a year or so ago, this suspicion has been happily confirmed.
As much as I love magazines, fashion editorials rarely inspire me as much as the styles of real, (albeit more often than not, really pretty) girls. While I don't much care for blogs who's main content is the writer's opinion on the latest runway styles, I love how a lot of bloggers tie current styles into their own looks, and enjoy recognising their influences and references.

In addition to this, the fashion industry being the oppressive monster that it is, I feel as though, in their own small way, these girls are taking something back from the stuck-up editors and over-priced labels. This, like everything about such a 'shallow' pre-occupation,
is of course, debatable. Maybe, they are just feeding into the conspiracy against young women's sense of self-worth. Maybe, I'm just insecure and vapid for being interested. If we were dudes though, gushing about, say soccer, there would be nothing ambiguous about our love for our chosen fascination. This is because our society has a way of elevating pastimes that mainly interest men, regardless of how inane, above those that women (and, in the case of fashion gay men) enjoy. While I abhor the the rampant consumerism and self-hatred often associated with style and fashion (and the redundancy of those words), I say: fly the flag of feminism by wearing a cute dress, if that's your cup of tea! I sure as heck will.

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